13 jul, 2021 / #SocialResponsability

It is a donation to the Directorate of Roads of the Province of Salta

Assuming a leadership role in social challenges, Posco Argentina made a donation to the Salta Highway Administration of 335 traffic signs for safety prevention and location, which were placed in different sections of provincial routes 27 and 17.

The donation was formalized with an agreement that was endorsed by the president of the company, Mr. Kawanbok Kim and the Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Sergio Camacho; Directors of the company and the Director of Roads of Salta were also present.

The traffic sings were then installed by the Provincial Highway Administration at critical points in the section of National Route N°51 - Provincial Route N°27 Salar de Pocitos and Cuesta de Napoleón - Salar de Pocitos on RP 17.

This work will protect the safety of local residents, employees and contractors who transit the area and will benefit tourists who visit the area. As stated by the president of the company, Mr Kim, "security is one of the important points of the policy of our company, our effort is put there." Camacho, for his part, highlighted Posco Argentina's Corporate Social Responsibility work.