13 ago, 2021 / #News

On August 13, the inauguration ceremony was held at our Salta office

In order to provide a safe and pleasant work environment to promote the health and well-being of our employees, a cafeteria was opened in our Salta offices. It is a modern space, with matching furniture, which even reproduces that special atmosphere that is breathed in a coffee bar. The inauguration was held by the President of the company and then a toast was shared with the collaborators.

There, it is possible to buy a coffee from a vending machine at a cost of only 30 pesos and it was proposed that the incomes will be used for some volunteer activity with a social purpose chosen by the staff.

"La Isla" emerged with the concept of being more than a simple place to have a coffee between meetings. Rather, it is intended to be a place to take time out during the day, a place of conscious enjoyment, interaction and communication in daily work life. In fact, the cafeteria is even equipped with board games, which facilitates a relaxed atmosphere that encourage creative thinking and collaborative synergies.