23 nov, 2021 / #EnvironmentalEcology

Surface water sampling during monitoring

On November 16, 17 and 18 we carried out an environmental participatory monitoring in our mining project "Sal de Oro".  The monitoring was done on companion of representatives of the communities of Santa Rosa de Los Pastos Grandes, Estación Salar de Pocitos  and Ministry of Mining and Energy authorities.

The field work consisted on collecting soil, air, water and effluent samples, to record pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen in situ and its quality. The works were carried out both in camp and pilot plant, as well as in neighboring areas. The noise parameters were also sampled. Ministry of Mining verified the entire process.

The participatory monitoring helps us to guarantee the transparency of our operations through the active participation of different actors in our community and allows us to keep an updated record of the environmental parameters in the areas near our project.